Official Ruby Sinreich Voting Guide ™ for 2010

It’s that time again in North Carolina. Primary Day is in one week!

In keeping with my annual tradition, here are my recommendations. Take them or leave them as you please. (Like The Independent Weekly, I will not be endorsing in uncontested races.) Also, I assume you are voting in the Democratic and nonpartisan races. If you vote in the Republican primary, I can’t help you.

Orange County Commissioners
At-large: Barry Jacobs <-- STRONG endorsement District 2: Renee Price Orange County Sheriff Clarence Birkhead (with reservations) Orange County School Board (not Chapel Hill or Carrboro) Brenda Stephens Debbie Piscitelli Anne Mendenblik (I don't know any of these folks very well, but they are recommended by people I trust. Just don't vote for Keith Cook!)

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