Geeky Politicos Untie! Err… Unite!

Ed Cone and David Hoggard are throwing together what must be the very first-ever gathering of political bloggers in North Carolina. Here’s the plan so far, according to Ed:

So I guess we’re set for Saturday, August 28, 9 AM, 620 S. Elm St, GSO NC.
Admission is free. I’ll bring some Krispy Kreme and try to arrange for

Topics: campaign blogging, local news blogging. Maybe Ruby, Mat Gross, and
Hoggard can facilitate a session on politics, I’ll try to do local news
with anyone who want to play.

Say they are coming: Mat Gross. Hoggard. Mike Barber. Jeff Thigpen. Ruby.
Anton Zuiker. Me. Lex Alexander.

I hope every local candidate can make it. You are all invited. As are
bloggers, wannabe bloggers, groupies, etc. Mike Winstead and I had a good
conversation about Internet politics, I hope he shows up.

I’m really hoping we can get some more people from outside Guilford County to come. Any local elected officials reading here?

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