Local blogs aren’t the only way they’re behind

This weekend North Carolina’s leading right-wing think tank held a conference for bloggers in Greensboro, NC. Just in case any limp-wristed, peace-loving, liberal hippie bloggers might mistake it for something they would want to attend, it was called “Carolina FreedomNet.” Can’t you just hear the deep-voiced announcer?

Anyway. I know I am on the Locke Foundation radar because their Executive Director sometimes visits OrangePolitics. I’m proud to know that I am part of the lefty blogosphere that inspires this kind of concern:

“Local blogging communities will become, and are already in some places, really important to electoral politics and local policy,” [Mary Katherine] Ham added. “Both are of great importance to conservatives. You don’t want local left blogger down the road blogging up the need for a new granola-paved bike path and the need to use your tax dollars to pay for it, and not have your own message to counter him. If there’s a vacuum, they will fill it, and the right blogosphere tends to be a bit behind on these kinds of things.”
Beltway Blogroll: All Blogging Is Local via Politics and technology: Right-wingers talk about the local lefty blogs

Yeah! Granola-paved bike paths for all!!! But seriously, there have been a few conservative local blogs here in Orange County, but they have trouble being coherent long enough to have an impact on much of anything.

Next week – also in Greensboro – ConvergeSouth. I can’t go as I’ll at be this awesome wedding, but it should be fun. If you go tell Ed and Sue I sent you.

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