Can’t swallow this

How long do they think we will keep swallowing this bullshit about how they want to “reduce abortions” when they keep making it harder and harder for women to get contraception or even information about family planning?

No need to repeat the good words others have already written:

So let me get this right: teen girls are incapable of taking a goddamn pill that has instructions and everything on the goddamn box, but are capable of giving birth to and mothering another human being.
Trapper John on DailyKOS

BushCheneyRobertsonFalwell want you barefoot and pregnant

John Aravosis at AmericaBlog

Acting Commissioner: Okay, so we have two expert panels of doctors and scientists telling us to make it available over the counter, and we have four or five interest groups opposed to abortion and birth control telling us not to. What to do, what to do?

The Researcher: But we all know that the drug is safe and effective. Comprehensive research has proven…

Acting Commissioner: There you go again with that research blather. We all know what the research says. What we don’t know is how to ignore it and say we’re ignoring it to protect the consumer.

The Researcher: You mean spin the data, but I can’t do that.

Acting Commissioner: Can’t or won’t? You’ll do it and like it or you’ll be doing research on the absorption rate of light beers in chimpanzees.

The Researcher: Oh, please, anything but another light beer study.

It can be no coincidence that this decision will be “less filling” than it ought to be.

The brilliant blogger at Now What!

If you don’t think this is OK, you better tell someone right now.

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