Hero or horror

This profile of the female U.S. soldier in so many of the Iraqi torture photos provides keen insight into the worldview of many people who will continue to support this war – and this president – no matter what.

She faces a court martial, but at home she is toasted as a hero…

“We went there to help the jackasses and they started blowing us up. Lynndie didn’t kill ’em, she didn’t cut ’em up. She should have shot some of the suckers.”

By the way, she is now pregnant and has been transferred to Fort Bragg here in N.C. (Any connection to the Bush policy that prohibits servicewomen from getting abortions when serving our nation overseas?)

You (and I) should really read this report by Seymour Hersch in the New Yorker has the scoop regarding what really hapenned there and who was reponsible.

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