Thank you, Indy

I never thought I’d be saying those words, but the Independent Weekly is a whole ‘nother paper than that one that skewered and slow-roasted me over the pit of the 1999 Town Council race. Today’s Indy has many talented staffers that I admire such as Kirk Ross, Olufunke Moses, Jen Strom, Fiona Morgan, and others.

But enough gushing, I have real reasons to be impressed. This week, Fiona’s coverage of the March for Women’s Lives was so smart that I had to show it off to my coworkers. (Further proof about why I live here and not in D.C. with them.)

If you missed this story about citizens rallying against the pro-growth Chatham County Commissioners back in January, you have to take a look. What’s that all the activists are holding up in the picture? Why it’s the Indy from a few weeks previous, which graphically exposed how the county was “sold out” to developers. That’s meaningful journalism – changing the community!

And of course I’m not complaining about the award they gave to (my other blog) for Best Blog of 2004! Although the timing could have been better – when I found out about the award I was in D.C. for the pre-march death week and couldn’t really bask in the glory. Hence my bragging now – after the fact.

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