Birthday extravaganza begins Saturday

It’s time for me to mark the 34th year of this life! It gets more interesting every day. The past few weeks have been quite intense. I will probably report more on some big transitions for me soon.

Last year I was a little busy on my birthday, so this year I will make up for it with a whole week of fun:

The week-long celebration begins Saturday, with bowling and dinner for Luke and my 34th birthdays. We were both born in April 1971, the last time we celebrated together was our 30th.

On Monday (my actual birthday) I will be running up to DC for a meeting. That may not sound exciting, but it promises to be interesting and is also a chance for me to see some of my favorite colleagues. Maybe I’ll snag a tuna burger from Legal Seafoods while I’m at my second-favorite airport with my least favorite name.

On Tuesday, I’ll be having Cocktails for a Cause with my local (and favorite) Planned Parenthood affiliate at La Residence. I think the last time I went to La Rez was over 20 years ago!

Then Friday is the opening of the new Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, whose trailer indicates that someone actually “gets it.”

Just in case you are dying to commemorate my 34th year, her are a few gift suggestions:

5 thoughts on “Birthday extravaganza begins Saturday

  1. Bonus party! My good friend and neighbor Donna is having a party “just because” on Friday night. I don’t think she’ll mind if I roll that into my birthday extravaganza as well. πŸ˜‰

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