Holy Crap. Literally.

My friend Ethan said it best: Holy Shizzit, they elected Hitler Youth Cardinal Ratzinger to be Grand Inquisitor Pope Benedict XVI!

I guess I was naive thinking that this was an opportunity for the catholic church to begin to contemplate the implications of the 20th century. I can’t say I’m too disappointed – this will surely hasten The Vatican’s swirling ride down the toilet of history. Good riddance.

4 thoughts on “Holy Crap. Literally.

  1. Oh come now… he wasn’t just in the Hitler Youth. He also guarded a BMW plant that used slave labour from Dachau (a point I just added to his Wikipedia entry).

  2. And I honestly don’t care if they held a gun to his head for “compulsory” Hitler Youth service. The fact is that the Catholic Church has selected a former nazi to be their pope – one of the most symbolic figureheads in the world.

    I think the message is loud and clear.

  3. Don’t you think if this guy was a Nazi, that the last Pope, a Pole who suffered in a German labor camp, might have had some qualms about making him his right hand man?

    Just a thought.

    The Nazi stuff devalues your point tremendously. There is plenty to discuss about him without being ridiculous.

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