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I think this weekend was my shortest trip to New York City ever, and we did it by car! After stops in Virginia and and Maryland on Friday night, we got to the City at lunch time on Saturday. Once we got there, the agenda was something like this:

1. Had lunch at Rice, a great Thai place in Park Slope.
2. Dropped off our stuff and our car in DUMBO.
3. Met the Rakoff women near Times Square (ug), and chatted for a few hours.
4. Ate delicious dinner made by Suzie with friends currently and formerly from Chapel Hill.
5. Slept a bit.
6. Enjoyed the very incredible riverfront park in DUMBO between the bridges with fantastic views of Manhattan.
7. Went to my Great Aunt Adele’s 90th birthday party in the historic village of Roslyn, one of the first settled areas of Long Island with homes and mills dating back to the 17th century.
8. Drove the hell home. Asleep by 4am Monday morning.

Sure we could have flown. We would have been $400 poorer and about 15 hours richer. But we had a good time in the car.

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