Happy Birthday, Tris

I don’t know why, but many birth dates get indelibly inked in my brain. Probably the first birthday I remembered so easily was my very first best friend, Tris Laughter. We went to pre-school together. Her birthday was easy to remember as it was exactly two months before mine. At the age of 6, that can be a meaningful sign.

So almost every year on her birthday, I go looking for Tris. (I do this with other long-lost friends too, such as Alec on April 17 and Alfie on November 11.) I learned that she goes by “Tristin” now. I think it was last year that I found a really thoughtful thing about 9/11 she wrote on a friend of hers’ blog. Over the years I have seen her growing career as publicist for cool punk/rock bands. She has been quoted extensively about The Donnas for example.

So today I did my annual Google search, and what do you know: Tris has a blog! Sometimes I just love this interwebby thingy…

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