So long, and thanks for all the drugs

Internationalist Books and Community Center will be holding a wake and reading in honor of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson tonight at 8 pm. Here’s their announcement:

Hunter Stockton Thompson committed suicide at his home in Colorado this past Sunday. On Thursday (2/24) we’ll spend an informal evening at the store with his writings, please join us in remembering the founder of Gonzo Journalism and a great American. Bring your favorite HST book to read from. His most recent title is Hey Rube: Blood Sport, the Bush Doctrine, and the Downward Spiral of Dumbness.

I don’t blame him for quitting while he was ahead, before his body and life was ruled by pain. We’re fortunate the left his gonzo legacy behind.

1 thought on “So long, and thanks for all the drugs

  1. I loved Hunter’s work. Most of the time I think suicide is cowardly and selfish. [kurt cobaine] Given Thompsons age and phisical pain I guess he did what he had to do; but not what I would have done. On the other hand, there was a selfish aspect about it. Putting a .45 slug in your brain is a messy affair. I heard some third hand accounts of the Henderson Street Bar suicide and it was just crappy. Thompson knew bits of his head were going to be all over the room. He left an un-godly mess for his wife and son to clean up. That’s something you need to take out doors if you do it at all

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