Crazy for the future

Brian Fitzgerald reflects on his personal evolution and a career spent saving the planet upon his 25th anniversary at Greenpeace. He started out as a part-time canvasser in Boston and is now the web guru at Greenpeace International.

I’ve spent 25 years trying to keep in balance the daily doses of despair and the general sense of hope that by making a choice to do something for the planet, people can actually achieve something for the planet. And there are days I believe that mightily, with all my being, and days I cluck with ancient pity at how naive a 49-year-old man can be.

… In short, you gotta be crazy to try. But if nobody tries, game over.

- Eco-Geekery: 25 years with Greenpeace

Keep up the great work, Brian. Let’s hear it for being crazy!

Ruby Sinreich is a progressive activist, local politico, online organizer, capacity builder, and social networker.

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