Happy valentines day

[geek love] First of all let me say that I have always loathed Valentine’s Day. This goes back to junior high school when I felt like a loser if I didn’t have someone to kiss on that day and continued through college when I pined after a long succession of unavailable guys. in my 20’s I stopped caring, but I still thought the manufactured affection of V-day was for people too lazy to show their love every day.

And I still think that. But I admit that it’s nice to have a partner blogging sweet nothings at me today.

OutKast And while we’re on the subject, I want to point readers to the very excellent OutKast song “Happy Valentine’s Day” which includes a slogan I love so much that I put it on a post-it in my office: Cupid will not be defeated!

Speaking of OutKast, I finally saw their move Idlewild last weekend and it was awesome! I remember seeing the trailers last year and thinking “wow, that’s gonna be fun.” But I didn’t hear a peep after it was released. I assumed that the polite silence indicated that it was a dud but I was wrong. This movie is visually and aurally stimulating, well-written and acted, and overall very entertaining.

I have to assume that the radio silence was more because people couldn’t figure out what genre to put it into. The film is way more sophisticated then your stereotypical “black movie” and yet it has no white main characters to pull in the yuppies. This combination suits my tastes just fine, and I hope there is more to come for OutKast on the silver screen.

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