I pity anyone who missed the matchup tonight between the two best women’s college basketball teams in the country. Going into this game, UNC and Duke were the only two undefeated college basketball teams (of any gender) in the country. At #2, Carolina surely had the potential to beat #1 Duke, but when we were down by 13 at the half, we were not feeling as optimistic. As Ivory and Sylvia both said: the Tarheels played their hearts out and won a georgeous 74-70 victory.

I know there are a lot of great players at UNC. And Erlana Larkins carried a great part of the game today. But I just have to say that Ivory Latta has the strength of Eric Montross and the size and speed of Speedy Gonzalez. There’s nothing she can’t do. Oh, and by the way…

We’re #1!!!

P.S. Happy anniversary, Dr. Boxhill (the voice of the UNC women’s team, as well as their academic advisor).

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