Wish U were here

Wish you were here...Seriously! I’m staying at my favorite hotel in DC (Helix) and I scored a particularly good room. It makes me want to throw a party or something.

Helix is good, glam fun. It’s disturbing to be so effectively marketed to, but I’m just relaxing and enjoying it. They even nailed the music: Crowded House just came on in the bar. I’m such a sucker.

‘ll be back home Saturday after a pit stop at IKEA (I said I was a sucker). Need anything?

6 thoughts on “Wish U were here

  1. AAAS is the most emminently illustrious and age-old annual meeting of the American Association for Advancement of Science, which tries to address at least a couple political hot button issues every year to the extent there’s any scientific angle on them whatsoever. I thought you might have gone to listen to, lobby and/or disturb the peace of some national head of this or that. Or maybe you went to see scientists and journalists behaving badly, in which case I’d have asked if you’d taken pictures.

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