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World, meet my new WordPress blog! Ever since I converted Orange Politics to WP last summer, I’ve been wanting to do the same on this site. The new release of the stunning WP 1.5 got me off my butt. There are a number of things on the site that are still in transition, but I wanted to go ahead at start posting blog entries here instead of on my old heap-o-junk blogger blog. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found a good way to import the old comments. I think we’re just going to have be zen about it and let them go.

Feel free to point out any errors you may find. I already know I need to fix the “randomness” in the sidebar, and I need to move my projects and portfolio onto static pages. Then I get to start making categories. A lot of the formatting and line breaks in old posts is funky, but I can’t fix all of that. And the permalinks are all kinda screwed up becuse my oldest blogger posts don’t have the post titles! 🙁 So, if you’re an astute reader (ha, as if!) you will probably see some stuff changing and maybe even breaking over the next few weeks as I put on the finishing touches.

Sorry for the very geeky (or maybe just dorky) nature of recent posts. My head is in developer mode so all I want to do is mess with PHP and CSS this week. It’s hard to be eloquent in English when I am immersed in these other “languages.” And when I am sleepy, which I am. Goodnight, blog.

8 thoughts on “Blog, meet world

  1. It looks great baby! I hope you slept some last night. I wish we had hour counters showing the time spent putting up web sites like these. Plus some sort of math to figure out how long it would take if you didn’t have *lots* of experience already. Nice work. Holla!

  2. i’m thinking of moving to WP1.5 due to MT’s abysmal support of unicode.

    here’s a test for WP:

    Chùng tôi đi ăn cơm Tàu ở nhà hàng.

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