Why I’m fasting tomorrow

Interfaith Fast Because it’s not enough to vote in November. Because it’s not enough to write letters to Congress. Because it’s not enough to march in the streets of Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Fayetteville, and Washington. Because it’s not enough to reduce my consumption of fossil fuels and boycott businesses that support the war and the Republican party.

Because we all must be the change we want to see in the world.

I will join thousands of other Americans tomorrow in refraining from food from dawn to dusk. I will meditate and I will generate compassion and love (metta) for the people of Iraq and the U.S. service members, who are suffering every day that this war goes on and will continue to feel the physical and mental pain of war for years to come. And like many others, I will join with an interfaith community to break the fast and celebrate our unity around the cause of peace.

Find out more and find a fast-breaking near you at http://interfaithfast.org

Join me in Second Life to feed our avatars and our souls at 7pm EDT. keep reading for more information.

Monday, October 8, 2007 • http://interfaithfast.org

Second Life observance:
meditation hourly from 8am – 4pm SLT
celebration at 4pm SLT
Commonwealth Island
We call on all Americans to join in fasting from dawn to dusk on Monday, October 8, the day officially known as “Columbus Day,” to call for an end to the Iraq War. On this day, people of faith across our nation will act as catalysts to transform the meaning of the day from one of conquest to community and from violence to reverence.

–> In Second Life we will meet for 10 minutes of mediation for peace in Iraq on an hourly cycle beginning at 8 am SLT.

At sunset, we will eat once again to break bread together as a sign of our commitment to work together for peace and an end to violence. This shared meal will be a sign of our covenant with one another – as individuals and as communities – to stand against the war in Iraq, and to work with one another to stand against violence in our communities and around the world.

–> In Second Life we will break our fast virtually with food and drink and sharing at 4pm SLT. Participants are invited to bring a reading on peace and/or a ritual from their faith to share with the group.

All events will take place at the campfire on Commonwealth Island. SLT is equivalent to Pacific Time.

RSVP’s are not required, but are welcome at

For more information, contact Ruby Glitter in-world or e-mail ruby@forpeace.net.

This event is brought to you by the Fellowship of Reconciliation, the Peacemaker Institute, and Commonwealth Island.

*A note about fasting*

You may wonder: will our fast also be “virtual?” And if so, what meaning does it have?

We will be fasting in real life, but celebrating it with this spiritual community in Second Life. For many of us, this is just as real and moving of an experience as you might have in a place of worship, and has the added benefit of allowing us to connect with people across the country and across the world.

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