10 Questions for presidential candidates

My friends at echPresident are launching a new site today called 10 Questions. The idea is to take the “YouTube debate” that gave regular people a chance to ask questions of the Democratic candidates a few months ago, and make it even more democratic by allowing the community to vote on which questions get asked instead of having them hand-picked by the TV networks.

Here’s my contribution, I did it in a hurry so please pardon the grammatical errors, etc.

Since the site is brand new, there aren’t many videos yet. This is a chance to get seen by the thousands of people who will check out the site today. Post your question at http://10questions.com now!

3 thoughts on “10 Questions for presidential candidates

  1. The sound system for the questioners did not work for me at all after the first 3 or 4 videos. Wish it had.
    This is a great idea!
    Joan Voorheis

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