What if…

What if you were 17 years old and you got pregnant? How long would it take you to finally go get a test to be sure? How long until it sinks in, and you acknowledge what happenned? Then how long would it take you get up the courage to tell your parents? What if you thought you could still have the baby and the normal life you planned with college and a social life, and it took a while for a sypathetic adult to explain that motherhood would not allow room for such privileges? What if you wanted to be a good parent, but knew you couldn’t do it at your young age?

What if it took a few months to realize that having a baby right now would ruin life as you knew it? What if by the time you got to the doctor, you were in your second trimester? And what if the doctor said to you “sorry honey, the President said you have to have that baby. You can kiss the rest of your life goodbye.”

E-mail the President, and sign up for the Planned Parenthood Action Network now. I thank you.

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