Weekend update

Because I haven’t posted much lately and because I promised some info to certain people…

First, and most importantly, the 8th annual Hi Mom! Film Festival is this weekend. If you live anywhere near central North Carolina, do yourself a favor and come check it out. There are 5 separate showings, each with their own character, so you can suit yourself. I couldn’t go last year, but the year before that was instrumental in me asking Brian out on our first date. If you come to Hi Mom, good things might happen to you too!

Last weekend Brian and I visited my mother. She lives and at the beach, and we got sunburned like stupid tourists! Ooops. Anyway, it was a really nice trip, our first visit since her husband’s memorial service in April. We also enjoyed seeing my stepbrother and his lovely wife and adorable son. I foresee more trips to the beach in the not-too-distant future.

This week, I still didn’t sell my car (oops, again). But I did request some peice of paperwork from my old bank which I need since I can’t find the title. I’m getting there…

Yesterday, I addressed (and Brian stamped and sealed) 20 invitations to the engagement party my parents are throwing for Brian and me. It’s not going to be very big, it’s mostly for old friends of my parents to get together. They were like aunts and uncles to me when I was little.

I promised the local bloggers that I would post some info about Dave Winer’s visit this weekend. After arranging for a friend to share his house for a party featuring Mr. RSS, he decided not to come. Maybe another weekend this summer. He can put his own party together next time. 😉

Finally, a very nice thing happenned. Last week my friend and handyman John Birkholz cleared the nasty vines and poison ivy that have been plaguing my prickly pear catus for the last few years. Less than a week later, the catus is happily blooming away. There are at least 4 succulent, yellow flowers on it right now and more on the way. I feel like the cactus is saying “thank you!”

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