IKEA rant

Since last Friday, we have been trying to install this lovely new sink, basin, and cabinet from IKEA. I have to say that my normally-high opinion of IKEA is getting quite tarnished.

They do not tell you before you buy their faucet that it comes with European fittings. They probably sell hundreds of these things around the United States every week. They do not sell adaptive hardware that 99% of customers will need to connect it to their American plumbing. They don’t mention this incompatibility in the intructions, nor do their very helpful telephone support staff have any inforation to share. They can’t even tell you what type of fitting is needed!

So much for your people-friendly design, IKEA! WTF?

3 thoughts on “IKEA rant

  1. Americans can design! It’s just that big company CEOs are making HUGE aesthetic decisions when they should be listening to creative designers. Massive cheap manufacturing has killed the small talented design shops. I bet lots of folks would make cool looking sinks in the US if the global economics didn’t work in the favor of multinational corporations. (end of rant)

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