We need you here

From An open letter from Stan Goff to all troops:

Email, write or phone your elected officials (Senators, Representatives, Governors) TODAY and tell them that we need the troops back home now. Tell your families and your friends to start bombarding those elected officials TODAY. Here is the link to get their contact information:

Then send the things you want to say to the public, but can’t because certain ass-kissing brass want to silence you to protect their careers, to the Bring Them Home Now! campaign at . We will not print your name unless you specifically request it.

I can’t tell you to do any more than that without risking being sent to jail.

Private efforts to get in and help HAVE BEEN TURNED AWAY BY SECURITY as part of the Bush administration “response.”

A big part of that colossal snafu is the fact that so many of the traditional first responders to major crises within the US, the National Guard and the Army, have been shipped abroad to kill Arabs for Halliburton — who by the way has already been handed a no-bid contract for the reconstruction of the Gulf Coast.

That’s right. War profiteer Halliburton is now a disaster profiteer, too.

There’s more at BringThemHomeNow.org and StanGoff.com . Click “Keep reading…” for another exceprt or just go here to read the whole thing.

These politicians and CEO’s do not care about working class and poor people. They’ll offer you a minimum wage job near a toxic dump, as many of the poor, black, white, and Latino have discovered in Louisiana, and if you want out… well, then join the military and kill Muslims for us to help us get control over their oil. They will use you up in a dangerous or dead-end low-wage job, or use you as cannon fodder in their oil wars. But they use you. That’s not caring. They care about you the way Tyson Foods cares about chickens.

Pat you on the head, tell you you’re a hero to keep you going, give you some pretty ribbons in exchange for your health, your leg, or your life, and then you can go straight to hell as far as they’re concerned. Ask the (good) people at the VA hospitals who can’t deliver timely care because they have been defunded. Bush medical care for vets is a lot like Bush evacuation plans. Recover on your own, or die.

It took George W. Bush almost three days to get off his sorry ass and even appear in public about Katrina, and then with nothing but a photo of him peering out of the window of Air Force One, while he suppressed that mindless sociopathic smirk long enough for the shutter to snap. He played guitars and cut cakes after the storm, for the cameras, while people were trapped in 125 degree attics by foul stormwater without food or drinkable water. The suit he appointed to run the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) – Mike Brown – had no qualification for the job except Republican Party activism. Brown had run horse shows, and had been fired for incompetence, before he got his FEMA appointment. Kind of like some of the shit that floats to the top of the military hierarchy by kissing the right asses isn’t it?

Tell everyone who will listen that you are needed in New Orleans and Biloxi, not Bagram or Baghdad.

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