Some of the “randomness” that makes this Ruby’s Rants and Randomness…

  • Today is my first real day working for Aspiration!
  • How long do you think it will be before there is Hurricane Katrina flavored spam? There is nothing more universally holding Americans’ attention right now. Can’t you imagine how likely your friends and family are to open an e-mail that says “help hurricane survivors!” or something like that? It’s just a matter of time. 🙁
  • In other news, the Sigur Rós show at the Carolina Theater last night was really great. I hadn’t planned to go (it was pricey, and I’m not a massive fan), but a friend had an extra ticket so I went along. I have now decided that Sigur Rós has almost all of the elements that I love about Tortoise, but without the annoying preppy deadhead fan base. Their light show/video production was good, but a little extravagant for my tastes. The opening/accompanying band, Amina, was really great and I regretted coming in late and not seeing more of them.

    But I had a good excuse for being late: it was beautiful outside and I ran into my friend Dawn who has recently moved back to the area after stints in Nepal and Washington, DC. I was so happy to see her I couldn’t even say anything, I just ran and hugged her.

2 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. Hurricane Katrina flavored spam….my first reaction to that description was pretty damn terrible, if you know what I mean?????!!!!!!

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