For those in southern Orange County, here are my suggestions. If you want more than my opinion, visit

Bonds: Yes on all 5.

School Board: Elizabeth Carter, Gloria Faley. optional: George Griffin, Ed
Sechrest, or none (you get up to 4 votes)

C.H. Town Council: Sally Greene, Bill Strom, Cam Hill. optional: none/Thatcher Freund/Andrea Rorhbacher (you get up to 4). Just please don’t vote for Dianne Bachman!

C.H. Mayor: You can write in “Pat Killian” if you’re feeling rebellious and
futile, otherwise you don’t have a choice.

Carrboro Board of Aldermen: Mark Chilton, Joal Broun, Alex Zaffron

Carrboro Mayor: Mike Nelson (you have a bit of a choice, and I still recommend Mike)

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