Vote Nall Y’all

You know, I am no Libertarian, but that party’s nominee for the Alabama Governor’s race is really growing on me. Loretta Nall (slogan: “Vote Nall, Y’all) has a great platform, in which I haven’t yet found anything to disagree with with (but probably would if I dig deep enough in to gun territory). I do have some disagreements with her ugly campaign website, but I’ll let those be.

Pam Spaulding at Pam’s House Blend recounts a recent episode where an Alabama journalist complained of the too-sexy picture of Ms. Nall adorning his column about her. Somehow he managed to blame her for having breasts instead of blaming his editor for the tacky selection. Ms. Nall’s reply was comprehensive, articulate, and funny. I will make a contribution to her campaign in support of smart women everywhere.

Go to Pam’s House Blend to read the whole funny story, and then give Loretta a hand.

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