Vote, baby, vote

(I miss
Deelight.) I will be out of town this weekend, but you might already be
going to the polls. For your voting pleasure, I offer the first-ever
Orange Politics Voter Guide and my personal endorsements, as follows:

John Kerry & John Edwards

Straight party ticket choice: Democrat
(I don’t usually do the straight ticket, but it’s actually how I would vote this year anyway)

N. C. Supreme Court, Associate Justice, seat 1
Sarah Parker

N. C. Supreme Court, Associate Justice, seat 2
James A. Wynn, Jr. (Manning is a close second)

N. C. Court of Appeals Judges
Linda McGee
Wanda G. Bryant
Alan Thornburg

N. C. District Court Judges, district 15-B
Charles Anderson
Alonzo Coleman
Pat Devine

Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor
Roger Tate

N. C. Constitutional Amendments
1: no
2: yes
3: yes

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