Tweets from 2009-07-21

  • @zdislaw That is the rub isn’t it? Such a delicate balance… in reply to zdislaw #
  • I can haz on my #Pre! (Now, where’s #
  • Brilliant! (Of course.)Rtwt @BoraZ: Douglas Adams 10 years ago: ‘How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Internet’ #
  • OK @somafm, kudos on the webapp for the #Pre, but it shows no track info & doesn’t allow control from other pages. Needs work. #
  • Just added @UNC_CHATfest to my calendar for February 2010. #
  • Hee hee. Rtwt @smalljones: Into what? RT @nathanhewitt: S.C. gov says God will change him #
  • Rtwt @silverbell: Love to the Beastie Boys and a speedy recovery for Adam: #
  • Just got my Airave from Sprint and it’s working great. 5 bars (but no EvDo). It didn’t even need the GPS antenna. (Sorry @rossgrady.) #
  • @rossgrady No, but I do live in a 30-yr-old townhouse nestled deep in the Bolin Creek valley. Everyone gets bad reception here (if any). in reply to rossgrady #

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