Tweets from 2009-07-02

  • [Sitting at the bus stop] 8:53am is too early to get hit on. Let a sister have some coffee first! #
  • note to Dook Hospital: it does not inspire confidence in your HEALTH CARE workers to see dozens of them smoking on the sidewalk #
  • – Hmm, why do they call this Coal Pile Drive, again? #dook #
  • Interesting. Not up my alley, but in the neighborhood. Rtwt @nerdette: Anyone going to Type A Mom Con in NC? #
  • Hey @Twitter, why do you make it so hard to find your own widget-making tools? #
  • Looking at the results of some shitty CSS. Peee-ew. #
  • @ayse – Aw yeah. That’s the stuff. #
  • @BrianR Amen! Let us now praise kind and competent childcare workers. #

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