Tweets from 2009-06-27

  • RT @jedmiller: Dude Gov. Sanford has got to be sending a HUGE bouquet of flowers to Neverland right about now. #
  • Shaquille O’Neal & Danny Green join the Cleveland Cavaliers in one week. Not so much b/c of Shaq, but I might have to watch some Cavs games. #
  • @rikomatic That is sad. People should be buying Off the Wall, not Thriller! in reply to rikomatic #
  • Rtwt @FORpeace: Gays Are the New “Niggers?” What Bayard Rustin means for American democracy: #
  • Rtwt @Fem2pt0: We’re throwing a blog carnival & Twittercast about role caregiving plays in women’s lives. #fem2 plz RT! #
  • Rtwt @natthedem: Interesting thing re: MJ: knowing what I do of his life, I’m pretty sure he’d prefer networks cover #iranelection or #HCR #
  • Funny spam subject line: “compendium grandchild surface” Makes ya wonder… #
  • The #PalmPre is good at multitasking, but it still won’t let me have more than about 6 cards/apps open at once. Weak, #

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