Tweets from 2009-06-25

  • Feel like our poor babysitter has to tend to naughty cats as well as the baby. Good thing she is sweet & patient! #
  • Never thought I’d hear me whine abt it, but downtown Chapel Hill is *filthy*. Clean it up if you want grownups to hang out there, y’all! #
  • ! @randomdeanna Check out posts about Iran & nonviolence at or @FORpeace #
  • Oops, now w/ correct URL: @randomdeanna Check out posts about Iran & nonviolence at or @FORpeace #
  • Navigating Dook campus on foot solo. Feels like a Big Adventure, a la Pee Wee. 1st: escape med ctr & find “parking” ofc to buy transit pass. #
  • Amazed that I found the Parking office, not amazed that it’s *very* ped unfriendly. Next mission: find Saladelia cafe/Perkins Library. #
  • Wow, I found “The Perk!” Final challenge: get through medical complex & back to office where I will mutltitask lunch. Wish me luck. #
  • Made it back to home base! Learned a little more about this mini-city of Dook. (“Gotham?”) And all in less than an hour. #
  • @tjstankus No kidding! The Dook Parking (& transit) office is environmentally unfriendly on several levels. in reply to tjstankus #
  • @trikegirl Yep. I prefer to think of it as working *AT* Dook, instead of FOR. 😉 JOb desc: in reply to trikegirl #
  • @tbeckett Well put. in reply to tbeckett #
  • Rtwt @LauraLeslie: Sanford : has bee having affair for a year w a woman from Argentina. He’s predicting “hard choices” ahead. #SCgov #
  • Wow, #SCgov breakdown. Rtwt @LauraLeslie: #Sanford says “spent the last 5 days of my life crying in Argentina,” getting his “heart right.” #
  • Having fun with coworkers laughing (too hard) at (See also: ) #
  • Rtwt @rikomatic: Vigil for the people of Iran tomorrow in Second Life at 2pm and 7pm PST #
  • Coworker shared vid of kid going nuts after being banned from World of Warcraft. Had to watch ‘Kittens inspired by kittens’ to heal eyes. #
  • At Planned Parenthood fundraiser at Alivia’s in Derm w/ @BrianR & @IzzySinreich. #
  • . @davidb Yeah you know me: always assaulting the public with my boobs. 🙂 #
  • Momma’s got a Palm Pre! #
  • Tweeting from my Palm Pre! #
  • – Izzy (photo by Palm Pre) #
  • @zdislaw So far I quite dig it. It’s everything my research led me to expect. Flimsy hardware, snazzy software. in reply to zdislaw #

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