Tweets from 2009-06-09

  • I like how commuting forces me to leave the house and interact w/ my community. Even more so when I take the bus. (Like today, yay!) #
  • Oh Watts Grocery, why can’t you have just a few less-meaty options so my coworkers can buy me a lovely lunch? #
  • Clementines in June are so wrong, but they taste so right. #
  • Rtwt @webb: Please retweet: The 2009 Non-profit Blogging Survey: #nptech (via @johnhaydon) #
  • I suspected as much. :-/ Rtwt @hc: “warm, flexible, team-oriented & empathetic people less likely to thrive as CEOs.” #
  • OK, I <3 downtown Chapel Hill, but most of my time there today was spent dodging smelly cigarettes & belching buses. Same on Erwin Road. #

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