Tweets from 2009-05-28

  • @tajmah_paul If only I could share my bangs with you. 😛 in reply to tajmah_paul #
  • Rtwt @kanter: RT @adamcohen great use of Facebook Connect: allows you to share content w/ specific friends on FB #
  • @hc Congrats on joining the SXSWi advisory board! @BrianR and I are hoping to bring the whole family there in 2010. in reply to hc #
  • Rtwt @acarvin: Just got word that NPR will interview Roxana Saberi tomorrow, her 1st in-depth interview since her release. #
  • Cool! @goveggie tweets compassionate haikus & links. Thanks for the tip, @nathanhewitt. #
  • @tubafrenzy I’m debating a Android G1 vs. a Palm Pre as well. What I really want is my Treo 680 but w/ wifi. I <3 the keyboard & 5-way nav. in reply to tubafrenzy #
  • @nerdette You should def try a hang gliding lesson or at least hike up Jockey’s Ridge & watch. I used to work as a kite flyer there. in reply to nerdette #
  • Amen!!! #nptech Rtwt @agenthandy: don’t ever build anything from scratch unless you absolutely have to #n2y4 #mobile #
  • @allpaul Maybe not now, but in the late 90’s… #
  • Need more brain juice. Or something. #
  • Nice job! Rtwt @10ch: I developed a “State of the Web” presentation for my work @lifeandscience. View notes for context. #
  • @dsearls I didn’t let @IzzySinreich start tweeting until he was about a month old. 😉 in reply to dsearls #
  • @arielwaldman Uh oh, didn’t you see that Dr. Who episode? Two bluetooth headsets = Cybermen-controlled zombie! #
  • Just now got the baby to sleep (for more than a few minutes) for the 1st time since ~9am, I think I need it more than he does! #
  • Spoke too soon. He’s awake again! #

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