Tweets from 2009-05-18

  • Last night @IzzySinreich set a personal record, waking me up to feed no less than 5 times, & topped it off w/ some diaper antics this AM. #
  • The tasks “feature” they’ve added to @Google Calendar are so badly done that they are literally worse than nothing. Stick w/ @RTM. #
  • @tbeckett Yes we do, but have some logistical challenges. #
  • Spent the morning researching how to deal w/ sleep deprivation (between feedings, natch). #
  • Trying catch up on e-mail from the immediate post-partum period. There is a lot of it. #
  • ! @TrixieTracker Love your new non-grapic submit buttons – a small change that will make my life a lot easier! #Usability FTW. #
  • ! @fem2pt0 Yr twitter event always starts when I’m going to bed (or exhausted). I guess that illustrates yr feminist/mommy divide. #
  • @minorjive The @trixietracker isn’t public, just web based. Needs an SMS interface, tho. #

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