Tweets from 2009-05-12

  • Rtwt @Mlsif: Get $100 from Orbitz, redeemable for travel to Cuba, when US lifts the embargo (sign up here: #
  • Obama’s brilliant and funny speech @ Saturday’s Whitehouse Correspondents’ dinner: Cleverest Preznit Evar? #
  • Interesting: Obama says watchdog media makes government better, I say watchdog blogs make media better. Where are the props for grassroots? #
  • @natthedem I live in a happy land devoid of criticism of Wanda Sykes. (I <3 Biggie Shorty!) Who is stupid enough to hassle her? in reply to natthedem #
  • A day late, but here’s my mommy’s-eye-view from Mother’s Day: #babywearing #
  • Rtwt @LamaSuryaDas: Love and accept yourself, and the world will embrace you. #
  • Izzy update on my first Mother’s Day: #
  • @tarekrizk @Mychal_Smith @kanter @midcenturysal @amyrsward Thanks for the Mothers Day wishes! I hope the moms among you enjoyed it as well. in reply to tarekrizk #
  • OK, starting to work part time this week (besides the never-ending work of mothering). Very hard to get my head back into it! #focus #
  • Rtwt @tubafrenzy: Nothing says “2009” like this pic of the Heels presenting Obama with a #1 jersey: What a diff a yr makes #
  • Hey folks, what’s your favorite tool for automatically following your followers on Twitter? #
  • @johnmerritt In some cases. I manage an organizational account and don’t have time to check out each new follower, but want to follow back. in reply to johnmerritt #
  • @findingurstyle I agree, but can’t get colleagues to deal with Twitter. This is the only way to share the love with followers. in reply to findingurstyle #
  • OK, I’m convinced. I won’t use auto-follow for my org. I can see how it facilitates spam and such. Wish Twitter would make this easier, tho. #
  • @hughlh No, auto-DMing followers is the devil. Auto-follow is just lazy, IMO. in reply to hughlh #
  • Very nice to see @ayse & @davidb this evening. Now trying to get myself psyched up for Izzy’s first tub bath. :-O #
  • Looking for a Twitter name for Izzy. I think accounts without at least 1 tweet per month for 6 months should be deleted. Lame squatters… #
  • @ayse Fortunately we did (just barely) think to take pictures of @IzzySinreich’s (temp Twitter name) first bath. Will post soon… in reply to ayse #
  • @Ayse Do I just tweet @Twitter about the squatter? #

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