Tweets from 2009-04-26

  • Feeling more like Elsie the Cow than June Cleaver right now. #motherhood #breastfeeding #
  • It’s disturbing how well pacifiers work. I guess that’s why they scare me so much. #
  • @meeloise Rebirth! (Unless you can see them at a smaller venue while you’re in NOLA. They play all over.) #
  • Feeding the baby twice before feeding myself. Hongray! #
  • Jealous & happy for @bruinmccon & @meeloise enjoying #JazzFest in #NoLa. Check out my fave bar: Donna’s @ Rampart & St. Ann. #
  • Suzanne Vega’s song “The Queen and the Soldier” is still one of the saddest & most beautiful poems I’ve ever heard. #
  • Awesome. Thx! RT: @Bosrunner: @ruby just noticed your nursing tweet. My spouse liked reading while nursing #
  • Happy almost-your-birthday, @cakemason! #

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