Tweets from 2009-03-13

  • What’s better than waking up in the middle of the night, and lying in a pool of anxiety until the alarm goes off? Great way to start the day #
  • Is *anyone* actually suprised the Bristol Palin isn’t marrying her babydaddy? Trying to tamp down the schadenfreude over here. #
  • Recent #spam subject kind of made me happy: “You will always have noontime in your pants.” #
  • As a serious #GrandCentral user, not sure whether to be excited or scared about Google Voice. Thoughts? #
  • WTF! Rtwt @acarvin: So what’s up w/ the FBI searching Vivek Kundra’s office? #
  • Rtwt @bekamop: 2 arrested at Obama CTO Kundra’s office in investigation of federal bribery string #
  • Midwives not sure if the bulge in my side is a head or tail! Could be breach. 🙁 Silver lining: ultrasound to peek inside. #pregnancy #
  • Rtwt @PPCNC: Bristol Palin breakup: high profile ex. of the costs of abstinence until marriage only education. #
  • Somehow Google just let me make a Doc that I created into view-only for myself so now I can’t edit it! #
  • @trellon Cool that you are hiring for #drupal peeps, but I can’t tell whether yr jobs are location-specific. #
  • @jaketapper Awww. Tell Jen I said hi! (Old PPFA colleague.) in reply to jaketapper #
  • @tbeckett That makes me feel better about not going to #SXSW (this year). Just doing my civic duty… in reply to tbeckett #
  • Was told today that awful vendor has now spent 90% of the budget on fucking around, meanwhile critical features are incomplete. #FAIL #
  • I really wasted my organization’s time & money by choosing this vendor. I could have built the site better myself. Now there’s no time. #
  • Also, #dreamhost #megafail for our free NP webspace that can’t even manage to run #drupal without dying at least once a day. I give up. #

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