Tweets from 2009-03-10

  • @pearlbear, do you still have that nptech vendor wall of shame? I have some IMs to post there (in a few months, when the project is over). #
  • Does anyone use OmniOutliner, and if so do you know how to export a document with the columns intact? Tabs are throwing everything off… #
  • Wow. Rtwt @noneck: RT @1Sky: BREAKING: Van Jones confirmed as Obama’s ‘Green Czar’! (Please RT!!!!) #
  • AAAARGH. Google apps, you used to work so well. Now you slowly make up your mind about whether to ignore me each time I click on something. #
  • I’ll say one good thing for this vendor: his ADD makes me feel so much better about my own inability to stay on task. #
  • @UNC_Chapel_Hill You can also subscribe to my calendar of all #UNC #basketball games (including tournaments) at #
  • @pearlbear @jerimee Ah, here it is: (Sadly neglected, my own fault as much as anyone.) #nptech in reply to pearlbear #
  • Rtwt @PPCNC: In honor of tomorrow’s hearing of the sex ed bill, a schoolhouse rocks video: ENJOY! #
  • Helping a friend’s dad use PayPal for the first time. Good to experience beginner’s mind. #
  • Noticing that the older I get, the less responsibility I want at work. I used to want to be an Exec Dir, now I daydream about being a cog. #
  • @ludovicspeaks Interesting, & true. I so prefer power sharing, but it’s esp hard w/ people of diff generations/cultures. in reply to ludovicspeaks #

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