Tweets from 2009-01-21

  • 🙂 Retweeting @brianoberkirch: At what time today do they baptize all the old segregationists with firehoses? #
  • @msfour I think it would have been insulting to call Muslims “nonbelievers.” He called them out by name, along w/ Xtians, Jews, & Hindus. in reply to msfour #
  • @ayse, did you know MIchelle wore a different dress for the balls? in reply to ayse #
  • @margot_lester Yikes! I think the sun will melt a lot of stuff. I really want to drive our new car, but am deathly afraid of black ice. in reply to margot_lester #
  • @msfour Ah, I see what you’re saying. Still list-making is problematic w/o broad terms. It’s not like there are just 4 religions + atheists. in reply to msfour #
  • Another inerminable call wherein I ‘splain to vendor how to do his job… Le sigh. #
  • @suzboop Ha. Did you laugh in their face or throw up on their shoes? I would have. in reply to suzboop #
  • After a 140-minute phone meeting, I’m tempted to go into this vendor’s line of business. I would enjoy doing it myself more than this. #
  • @darkmoon Nope. A web development vendor. I *could* actually do their job. (But I like them, and I don’t want to talk too much sh*t…) in reply to darkmoon #
  • @silverbell You can come over here and be crabby with my cat. She totally deserves it. in reply to silverbell #
  • Let’s all be clear on WHY Obama re-took his oath: b/c the Chief Justice of the MF-ing Supreme Court fucked it up. Incompetent, much? #
  • @tuckcomatus I’m watching, just distracted. And UNC and Clemson are *tied* at 25 right now! #basketball in reply to tuckcomatus #
  • Oh, and Hansbrough is playing with a mouthguard b/c someone’s elbow knocked a tooth lose. No foul called, natch. 🙁 #unc #basketball #
  • UNC 45 – Clemson 40 at halftime. Feels like things are coming together. #basketball #
  • Oh, I see the system now. You have to stick your hand in Hansbrough’s face three times in a row to get one foul call. #unc #basketball #
  • Fortunately UNC is out-playing both Clemson and these useless refs. UNC leads 88-62 w/ 4 minutes left. #basketball #
  • Final: UNC 94 – Clemson 70. Basically UNC switched on the defense in the 2nd half, and Wayne Ellington is back. w000t. #basketball #

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