Tweets from 2008-12-14

  • Headed to the local Zen Center for the 1st time in years. Kind of excited (and scared – my sit-bones are out of practice). #
  • Props to the Iraqi journalist who chucled his shoes at that “dog” Pres. Bush! Way to foil the photo op. #
  • Props to the Iraqi journalist who chucked his shoes at that “dog” Pres. Bush! Way to foil the photo op. #
  • What are the odds that Sears’ contractor will be here w/in the agreed-upon window (for the installation that should have been 5 days ago)? #
  • @pguy The contractor said he would come btw 4 & 6 today, it’s currently 5:49. Sears said he would come by Tue, but they don’t give a shit. in reply to pguy #
  • I hope Sears is ready to take back my dishwasher that has been chilling with this contractor for nearly a week, b/c I am tired of waiting. #
  • @davidb I may actually buy one from a local biz that you can install. You can do us a favor and help the local economy in one swell foop. in reply to davidb #
  • Sears dishwasher delivery & installation so far = DOUBLE FAIL and counting. #
  • @davidb BTW, yr antlers are hawt. in reply to davidb #
  • @shauenv Cool. Any news on the UFPJ steering committee? in reply to shauenv #
  • @davidb DOUBLE HAWT! in reply to davidb #
  • @shauenv Well, congrats on joining the UFPJ steering committee! in reply to shauenv #
  • @ayse @dcm @davidb Sounds like a party. I almost hope Sears doesn’t show up now… 😉 in reply to ayse #
  • @davidb Oh my, you foul temptor! (Male version of temptress?) in reply to davidb #
  • Want to guess if Sears’ contractor has even CALLED, now almost 3 hours after their scheduled delivery window? #

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