Tweets from 2008-12-03

  • Customizing my Songbird with Yay! Only itunes feature that I miss is party shuffle. #ihateitunes #
  • Bummer about Saxby Chambliss, but Al Franken is looking up… #
  • Good news! Retweeting @Chuckumentary: More comedy news: Kids in the Hall returning to TV! (via @quirk @goodiebag) #
  • @minorjive Same with my multimedia keyboard. Unfortuanately, Mac has a set of iTunes commands it understands that aren’t universal. Very M$. in reply to minorjive #
  • @ggreeneva Good idea, but only if the media dinosaurs promise to evolve, too. in reply to ggreeneva #
  • Retweeting @RobertP: Laughing at: “World’s oldest marijuana stash totally busted –” ( ) #
  • Prop. 8: The musical! Must watch now! Only 3 min. Full-screen to spot the many celebs. Via @ggreeneva & others. #
  • At the point where I decide which must-do things aren’t going to get done today. 😛 #GSD #
  • Realizing that I hired someone for a job they are not quite up to, meaning I am going to have to do part of their job, too. Grrr. #
  • @cwhittle Theoretically… in reply to cwhittle #
  • @skeskali Have you tried RescueTime? Or do you mean something like Harvest? in reply to skeskali #
  • @smalljones A friend gets cable from November to April each year. But not every game is televised, especially women’s. #unc #basektball in reply to smalljones #
  • Tuning in to WCHL in hopes that tonight’s Big 10/ACC women’s basketball game will at least be on the radio. Sounds like no. ☹ #
  • @monicarolevans Different for each person/blog. But if you can’t tell, yr not doing it right. in reply to monicarolevans #
  • @josephrschwartz Thanks! I don’t get why the don’t stream games online anyway. in reply to josephrschwartz #
  • So far this Tarheel pre-game show has been 30 min abt whether Hansbrough will play & 15 min abt everything else. Like it matters. Move on! #
  • Also very sick of how the TV replays (uncontested) baskets instead of controversial calls. Save the highlights for later, ESPN. #basketball #
  • Final score: UNC 98, Mich St. 63. As I said: it didn’t matter if Hansbrough (25 points) played or not. #basketball #

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