Tweets from 2008-04-12

  • Finally sitting down to fix the @%$!^&%!@^ #MythTV. #
  • Debating whether to explain to Company X that leaving me an unhappy customer may be detrimental to their 100%-online small business. #
  • OK, I think I need the #Ubuntu for Idiots Guide. I just want to reset this whole thing to square one. Is there an easy command for that? #
  • @dcm I’m trying to reinstall but I feel like the residual garbage (that I screwed up) is not going away. #
  • @Katrinskaya is the meeting scheduler of choice thee days. It’s very simple, and works nicely. #
  • Oooh,’s Gmail interface just got better. When did that happen? Thanks @RTM! #
  • Sending "have we met?’ msgs to a bunch of friend requesters on Facebook. If you don’t even look familiar, then we are not "friends," m’kay? #
  • @dbarger & @dcm me too, except for the futból. #
  • Traction’s "Electile Dysfunction" show is really neat. All kinds of music/drama/happenings. Not too late to come! 410 Geer, Durham. #
  • Loving this band/invention called "Invisible." They’ve got a big wheel w/pegs controling all manner of flaps, drums, & doodads in time. #
  • @BrianR says it’s an "analog sequncer." I say "OK." Also got a theremin and a bunch of other digital noisemakers. #

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