Tweets from 2008-03-26

  • Finally upgraded to the new #Twitterific. The ads are pretty unobtrusive. #
  • Oh no they di’int! (Yes, now you know my dirty secret/guilty pleasure.) #
  • @blogdiva I’m with you. I don’t get the point of friendfeed. Alltop, neither. I already have an aggregator full of stuff. #
  • @modochan I know. I’m hardly a fashion template, should hardly be laughing at others. It’s my bad mood medicine. #
  • @Mlsif, ooh that’s actually good to know. Will try to get to Tarrytown earlier next time. #
  • Gah! Must… get… Axl… Rose… out… of… head! #
  • Dear world: never invite me to a conference with all white male speakers. At best I will ridicule you. #
  • Doing The Hustle at my desk right now. #
  • @RobertP I think that link should be (with the period). First online gubernatorial debate in NC history! #
  • @RobertP Grrr, twitterific is too smart for us. Let’s try this: <> #
  • @dbarger The Hustle was the most popular line dance at my summer camp in the early 80’s. I still know all the steps. #
  • A great view on the 4,000th US military death in Iraq: #
  • More people (4.5 mi) saw Obama’s race speech on YouTube than on cable (4 mil). Breaking records. #
  • It’s a gorgeous day but I can’t open the window b/c there is some kind of loud-ass chainsaw or something a block away. Grrr. springtease. #
  • Brain sludgy. I think that cold is coming back. #
  • Just got my 1st Facebook spammer. Guy from London advertising a DJ on our local politics event. Can’t figure out how to block him. #
  • Hey my Clintonista friends, what about this NAFTA double-talk? #clinton #
  • Oooh, #Google Docs interface got prettier today. #
  • Congrats @RoseVines for getting Sister @HelenPrejean to start Twittering! #
  • @bpuccio I ate that junk all the time as a kid! It was the actually the least disgusting item in the vending machine at the local YMCA. #
  • Facebook won’t let me place an ad with the title "Get yr local politics on" because it’s not grammatically correct. ‘Scuse me! #
  • @ggreeneva touché! 😀 #
  • Hey ev’rybody, don’t forget local blogger meetup & OrangePolitics happy hour is today at 6pm at Milltown. #
  • Milltown gets worse everytime I come here. This will be the last time I try to host an event here. #Carrboro #OrangePolitics #

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