Training on training

I’m in a session on how to do effective trainings now. They started by showing how NOT to do it, which was pretty funny.

New word for the day: “androgogy” = adult learning.

  • The four stages of learning:

    1. preparation
    creating the environment. making people comfortable physically, mentally, and emotionally.

    2. presentation
    sharing new information. get people involed. don’t get in a rut and sound canned: find out about the trainees so you can tailor examples to them.

    3. practice
    make people active, not passive.

    4. performance
    can be just reflecting.

    You might cycle though the 4 for each chunk of info, or work through it all day.

    The basics: “tell, show, do”

  • Multiple intelligences: different ways we think. (From Howard Gardner.) Everyone has all of these in varying degrees:
    verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, visual-spatial, bodily kinesthetic, musical-rhythmic (patterns), interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic (intuitive)

    tip: “101 ways to make a presentation active”

  • trainer’s roles

    – tour guide (content) [I do this one a lot]
    skills: knowledge, facilitation, presentation (humor)

    – facilitator (process)
    skills: questioning, interpersonal, emotional presence, physical presence

    – manager (environment)
    skills: media, assessment & evaluation, classroom management

  • questioning skills
    – open-ended to encourage discussion: objective, reflection, interpretive, decision

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