Mena speaks

  • Mena Trott started her keynote with apologies for her presentation. I hope this just self deprecation and not a sign of things to come.
  • She shared some amusing examples of bloggers helping who are not that much in need of help: save karyn, the star wars kids.
  • Blogs are sites that:
    – have chronology
    – are frequently updated
    – archive content
    – media rich (photos etc.)
    – are easy to use & maintain
    – updatable via web, clients, mobile
    – easy to parse, read, and follow

    – are maintained by inexpensive tools

    * capture personal voice

  • bloggers are influentials and growing in number
  • Her chronology of blogging starts at 2000! I know this isn’t that important to nonprofits, but most folks agree blogging started around 1996, even if the word hadn’t been discovered yet.
  • She says NPs need to reach out to bloggers, give them direction about how they can support your cause. Example: after 9/11 bloggers posted information about giving blood, missing persons, etc. but they had no direction.
  • Example: .
    She likes them because they make her feel good about cute pets and people and don’t make her uncomfortable with pictures of animals suffering.

  • Example: Helps landmine survivors.
    White affluent males.

  • Back to our real-time example: Mena’s colleague just made a blog for Ungana Africa.
    I think this would be more effective if they did it with out a professional help or just showed us the whole process.
    The blog text is getting cut off the right nav bar. Oops.

    She then says it’s too hard to show him how to post right now. What is this example supposed to show?

  • The power of blogs
    – grassroots, viral
    – story telling
    – participating with the participants
    – harnessing the desire to give (not just financially)

presentation will be posted at
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Some points I would like to add or emphasize:

  • blogging (helps) build movements
  • open source blogging tools are a great fit for nonprofits
  • some examples of how NPs can advance their mission by blogging these voices: client/victims voices (can be anonymous), community organizers, activists, lobbyists, social workers, volunteers, etc.
  • How other social tech tools like anf can help nonprofits
  • Don’t be afraid of allowing the public to participate on your site. Moderation is built-in. How to handle trolls proactively.
  • if you want to empower others, you have to give up some control. You should be so lucky to get that much participation.

I wish someone would announce!

Pardon any typos, this is being posted by my phone. I’ll fix it later.

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