Fun @ the Science Fair

I’m already having a great time at the NTC and it has barely started. The vendor exhibit, they call it the “Science Fair,” was much bigger and more interesting than I had expected. I met some nice people and got some good schwag. I met the director of the Public Interest Registry, they are responsible for policy oversight of all .ORG domain names!

Friends I talked to today:
– Rob Stuart (Advocacy, Inc & e-volve)
– Katrin Verclass (Aspiration Tech)
– Judy Hallman (RTPnet)
– Holly Ross & [new friend] Joe Klein (N-TEN)
Holly is the coordinator of this fabulous conference and a bit pregnant. Joe is the brand new director of N-TEN.

People I wanted to see who aren’t going to be here:
Jed Miller
Kellan Elliott-McCrea
Jon Stahl
– Jen Frazier (my boss)

People I still hope to catch up with:
Marty Kearns
Marnie Webb
Tompkins Spann
– my coworkers, Tracey and Lucy

Oh and Teresa Crawford is staying in the room next door. She is with the Advocacy Project, and was my biggest consulting client before I got my job at PPFA!

I really wanted to bang out some improvements to NPOblogs tonight, but I ended up chatting with Katrin and Judy and many others. I get so jazzed up talking about all the stuff I love so much. I blame it on the free champagne from Aspiration Tech. They have an excellent technique for getting folks to hang around their vendor table.

Now I have to go to bed as the time difference is already kicking my ass (and I missed West Wing since it was on at 8 here instead of 9 🙁 ).

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