Headed to the windy city

Unfortunately I will be missing this week’s Chapel Hill Blogger meetup. Those gatherings have been consistently fun and stimulating. I think I will be even more stimulated, though…

I’m headed to the National Technology Conference where we will be graced by none other than Mena Trott & Esther Dyson, two innovating women web publishers, as well as some of my favorite colleagues from nonprofits around the country.

And it will be fun, too. I was asked to host “poker night” for some conference participants. I hope they know Texas Held ‘Em. 😉

The only thing I’m not looking forward to is the weather in Chicago.

But even that has a bright side – I can stay in and work on my current passion: NPOblogs.net. And it do need some work!

Gotta go now, my flight’s about to start boarding. Expect some conference blogging here for the rest of the week.

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