To do: Spank Stupid Republicans

Ed Cone has the scoop on the NC GOP’s latest gay-bashing maneuver, and on their general stupidity. And John Aravosis has already put this action together so I don’t have to. Directly from his blog:

Earlier in the blog, I wrote about how the NC Republican Party has told gay Republicans that they are not welcome in the party, and went so far as to tell them that they are “not normal” people.

I think it’s high time we all gave the NC Republican party a holler to let them know that bigotry isn’t normal behavior either.

Main office contact info:

Main Phone: 919.828.6423 (M-F, 9am-5:30pm)
Main Fax: 919.899.3815

Specific Staff Email Addresses:
NC GOP Party Chair Ferrell Blount – he’s the BIG bad guy who said gays aren’t normal

Vice Chairman Linda Daves

National Committeeman Jim Cain

National Committeewoman Linda Shaw

Acting Chief of Staff, Bill Peaslee

Communications Director, Kevin Howell

Deputy Political Director, Dennis V. Berwyn

Then again, why do the Republicans the favor of giving them a clue? Better to write letters to the editors of local papers and especially the Raleigh N & O (here’s a good one), highlighting how out of touch they are with the reality of North Carolinians’ lives.

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