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I have a dilemma. I have been awaiting the Moveable Type upgrade so that I could implement comment registration on With the version I have (MT 2.64), there is no way to prohibit anonymous commenting. Requiring an e-mail address just allows people to get creative and make something up.

The other problem is that because I have so many comments (apparently), my MovableType scripts are so slow as to barely work anymore. People end up posting multiple copies of their comments all the time because the script failed and gave an error message. Then I have to go clean it up. Rebuilding one page now takes 5 minutes, which is ridiculous.

So I am considering – gasp – changing platforms! Does anyone have suggestions for other blog apps that allow multiple authors, category archives, and comment registration? I like Blogger a lot, but it doesn’t do categories. I have looked at WordPress but it doesn’t do comment registration. What else is out there?

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