Thanks for making it happen with me

I just got home after a very long day of inter-coastal travel. I will post a longer thing tommorrow about the rest of the awesome people I met at NetSquared.

So I was recruited to lead a Making it Happen: Tips & Tricks session at NetSquared. I called it: how to be more cause-based, aka network-centric advocacy, aka bottom-up, aka cluetrain advocacy, aka user-centered, aka movement building. Basically I gave a little intro to the above topic and discussed it with anyone who wanted to stop by. People asked a lot of good questions and together we came up with a lot of great ideas for how to empower the supporters of our issues and help them lead our movements for change.

Thanks to everyone for chatting with me:

  • Morgan Sully, community organizer, electronic musician, and organizer of electronic musicians. 😉
  • Perla Ni of the Stanford Social Innovation Review
  • Kristen Burns, community relations & corporate giving at Symantec
  • Ted Ko, project manager of Yahoo widgets
  • Kearstin Kriebel, who is trying to protect San Fransisco parks and organize other groups with the same goals, at SFPT
  • Erin Anderson, who has the cool title of eCommunity Mobilization Manager at the American Cancer Society.
  • Rob Miller, with the Open Planning Project which is making an open source, social-networked, online project management tool especially intended to be used for community organizing and activism. Goodbye, Basecamp! Well, maybe. 😉

Folks above without links didn’t give me their URLs.

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