Talkin’ ’bout BlogHerCon

I have been really excited about the idea of a BloggerCon for/about women and it’s finally happening this weekend! If course, BlogHerCon is happening 2,786 miles away, so I won’t be there in person.

When I go to good conferences, I blog them there and then so that folks who aren’t there can get an idea of what’s going on. So I have been counting on the techie nature of this conference to provide pretty close-to-live output from the event online.

In addition to the folks who will be “live-blogging” it, there will be an online chat for participants and nonparticipants. I’ve been at conferences where real-time chat was utilized, and I find it adds an incredible layer of interaction. For example, you can add something to the conversation without interrupting the speaker, announce last-minute agenda changes, or meet people you might not have approached in person.

However, without a live audio feed of the conference, I’m not quite sure how helpful this chat room will be. Plus I’m concerned that it’s being run on a proprietary platform instead of something open like IRC.

At this week’s International Symposium on Local E-Democracy in Minnesota, they provided an audio stream, video captures, and a facilitated IRC chat. My only complaint about it was low participation, but at least they tried!

Anyway, I’m thrilled that BlogHerCon is going on, and I will try to tune in one way or another.

6 thoughts on “Talkin’ ’bout BlogHerCon

  1. Umm, yeah well I would have been able to post updates had the wireless worked. Sheesh. I’m not sure it if it didn’t work for everyone, but I got an IP address four about 20 minutes in the morning, and the rest of the day nothing. Anyway, I’m posting some notes and thoughts presently.

  2. Thanks Ruby! I was hoping you might be there. Don’t get to many conferences, but this one had so much positive energy. There were some incredible people there and the sessions were very informative.

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